The following groups are considered some of the "Core Groups" offered at Social Sparks. Additional 

specialized and themed groups also run depending on the session and availability and may not be

listed here. Please call the office for more information.


Play Dateutilizes play therapy to support functional play skills such as sharing and turn taking. Visuals and other environmental supports are used to nurture social communication. 

Super Play!: utilizes a combination of play therapy techniques and foundational concepts of Michelle Garcia Winner's Social Thinking Superflex curriculum and emotional and self-regulation curriculum such as Leah Kruypers Zones of Regulation. Concepts are introduced through the use of fun games and interactive activities that encourage a deeper understanding of emotions within ourselves and others and how to manage them across settings with a variety of tools and strategies. 

Unwind Your Mind: A Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) group that targets self-monitoring, self-management, emotional awareness and the development of healthy coping skills to manage daily stressors and anxieties. Curricula used in this group will incorporate the 5 point scale, Zones of Regulation, Coping Cat, Mindfulness and other Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curricula. Participants will explore trialing skills in a supportive setting and learn how to carry these skills outside of the therapy setting. 

Social Thinkers: utilizes Michelle Garcia Winner's Social Thinking Curriculum to target problem solving, social awareness, perspective taking and coping strategies. 

Social Magic: utilizes a variety of social skills curriculum including Social Thinking, Zones of Regulation and The 5 Point Scale to focus on working with others, responsible decision-making, self-control and perspective taking. 

Tween Esteem: utilizes various curricula to address the new adventures on the road to becoming a teenager along with the rules and expectations of friendships, self regulation, perspective taking, self advocacy, and building and fostering independence. Problem solving skills are explored and practiced.

Social Circles:  group developed for tweens and teenagers and loosely based on the Circles Forward curriculum. Social Circles teaches communication strategies to promote a safe space and build healthy peer relationships where everyone can feel connected and respected. Participants engage in guided conversations around various topics (coping skills, identity development, interpersonal conflict, school stress, etc.) while receiving social coaching. Social Circles groups promote self-reflection practices, social support seeking skills, conversation skills, collaborative problem-solving skills, and friendship building skills. 

Teen Esteemutilizes a variety of curriculum including CBT-based therapeutic activities to build self-esteem and social skills through interactive activities. Group focuses on building a sense of community where participants can feel supported, safe and heard.

Young Adult: this group was developed for participants ages 18 and older who are navigating the complex world of adulthood. This transition can be overwhelming and often feels isolating for many. In this supportive setting, group members can comfortably discuss important aspects of adulthood including seeking and maintaining employment, balancing a social life, self-care, independence, and dating and relationships. Group members will be given access to information and resources that will support them in meeting their individual goals as well as opportunities to share successful strategies and experiences. 

This group may include community outings as scheduled by the group clinician. 


The Scene: $10 Thursdays 4:00-5:00pm for Thursday night Teen Esteem participants

                     $10 Fridays 6:30- 7:30 pm for Friday night Teen Esteem participants

                     $10 Saturdays 11:15-12:15pm for Tween Esteem participants

     The Scene Schedule (THURSDAYS)                         The Scene Schedule (FRIDAYS)                         The Tween Schedule (SATURDAYS)

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