Our Mission

At Social Sparks we are committed to taking a creative approach in all that we do. We are able to individualize treatment and services so that success can happen in any setting. We work hard to create a strong support team which includes the client, therapists, family members and peers. We take a strengths-based approach as we support each individual in reaching their goals and discovering his or her unique talents and abilities.

Kristen Spencer, LICSW

Owner/Clinical Director

Kristen's clinical experience includes working as a full-time school social worker in a public school district as well as many years of experience as a classroom consultant in numerous special and general education classrooms throughout Rhode Island. She regularly collaborated with parents, educators and other professionals to facilitate special education services and accommodations. She is an experienced group facilitator and clinical program coordinator. Over the years, Kristen has worked closely with individuals who are diagnosed with autism, ADHD, mood disorders, anxiety, behavioral challenges and sensory processing disorders. She enjoys developing creative interventions with clients and families to meet their individual needs. She is an original founding member of Social Sparks, Inc.

Shane Myers

Director of Operations

Shane has a background in managing and developing small businesses. He is a scholar in the 2018 Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business cohort. Shane is often the first person that families meet when they begin their journey at Social Sparks. He is compassionate and empathetic and works hard to make sure every family and client feels welcome and comfortable at Social Sparks. Shane is responsible for overseeing business operations and assisting with program carry over, among many other things. He is always on the go, keeping the day to day running smoothly. Along with his passion for business, he also enjoys connecting with clients and families and occasionally can be found supporting clients and groups with transition supports, a listening ear, and breaks from group when needed. 

Colleen Dusel, LCSW

Intake Coordinator

Colleen has a Master's Degree in Social Work from Simmons College (Boston, MA) and a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work from Providence College (Providence, RI).  Colleen's experience includes work within a variety of settings including Youth Pride Inc., Providence Public Schools and the Cambridge Eating Disorder Center. Throughout these experiences, Colleen worked with young people of varying ethnicities, socioeconomic status, backgrounds, and abilities.  She utilizes Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, among other treatment modalities, in individual and group settings. As intake coordinator, Colleen schedules and provides intake assessments for new clients. She is also the Summer Camp Program Director. Colleen has a passion for kindness and empathy and is excited to share that with others. 

Rose Molina, LICSW

Rose is a full-time school social worker with an array of experience in a charter school, state school and public school. Rose has facilitated groups specializing in autism for 10 years and was the assistant director of an autism summer program for 3 years. Rose's experiences as a clinician includes a variety of diagnoses including ADHD, ASD, Anxiety, behavioral difficulties, Depression and social communication diagnoses. Rose completed her certificate in Autism Education in 2012. She is fluent in English, Spanish and American Sign Language. She is also one of the original founding members of Social Sparks, Inc. in 2015

Brittney Walker, LCSW

Brittney is a Licensed Social Worker who works full time with parents in recovery from substance abuse and their young children. Brittney earned her MSW from CUNY Hunter Silberman School of Social Work (NY). Brittney has experience utilizing modalities such as Child Parent Psychotherapy and Trauma Systems Therapy. Her areas of expertise are parent-child relationship-building, early childhood mental health, and trauma-centered care. Brittney has experience working with a variety of providers such as schools, DCYF, hospitals, residential programs, and other community-based agencies, which lends to her wrap-around approach to serving clients. Brittney is passionate about working with families in a way that utilizes their strengths to benefit their children and relationships. 

Krysta Jensen, LICSW

Krysta is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who earned her MSW degree from the Rhode Island College School of Social Work. She has extensive experience utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness techniques, Social Coaching and movement based activities to work with children of all ages in individual and group therapy. Krysta has a passion for working with children diagnosed with Anxiety, ADHD and Autism. She enjoys using humor as an engagement technique with her clients. Her creative and thoughtful approach to therapy helps clients and families feel comfortable and supported. 

Tina Leavitt, LICSW

Tina Leavitt is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and graduate from Rhode Island College where she earned her MSW, CGS in Child and Adolescent Trauma. Tina worked at the Groden Center for 18 years providing home-based therapy along with school consultation before transitioning to Learning for Life at Rhode Island College. Her expertise is working with foster youth, adoption preparation, trauma, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, sensory disorders and behavioral difficulties.

Maggie Veiga, LICSW 

Maggie is a former school-based clinician and current school psychology PhD student at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. She earned her BA in Psychology and Anthropology at Brown University and MSW at Columbia University. She uses Cognitive-Behavior Therapy techniques and principles of Applied Behavior Analysis in her work supporting the social emotional development of individuals diagnosed with ASD, ADHD, anxiety, mood disorders, and sensory needs. Her research interests include implementation and progress monitoring of evidence-based social skills groups, school-based social emotional learning programs, and strategies to support students with challenging behavior. In addition to providing individual and group therapy, Maggie is also the Summer Camp Director at Social Sparks

Daniela Duarte, LMHC

Daniela Duarte is a Licensed Mental Health Clinician (LMHC), with extensive experience in the treatment of children, families, and adults. She has delivered treatment in a variety of settings. Most of her experience is rooted in her prior role as a home-based clinician- providing intensive therapy to children and their families. Her most recent experience has been providing office-based and school-based outpatient counseling. As a result of being a school-based clinician, Daniela has formed a partnership with staff at many charter and public schools in Central Falls, Lincoln, North Providence, Pawtucket, and Cumberland in order to provide more comprehensive support to her clients in these schools. Daniela readily utilizes and interchanges directives from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Behavior Therapy, Family Systems Therapies, Art Therapy, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). She is experienced in treating clients who have ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, learning disabilities, grief, past trauma, social deficits, self-harming behaviors, teen pregnancy, and parenting problems. Daniela prioritizes “meeting clients where they are,” and highly values building a strong therapeutic relationship in order to promote personal growth, resilience, and practical skills. Daniela is also fluent in Italian!

Maura Ladino, LMHC, BCBA, LBA

Maura is a full time clinician in a therapeutic school providing group and individual therapy.  She also has a background in home-based services and is currently working towards her LMHC.  Maura enjoys utilizing a strength-based approach and incorporating creativity and self-expression as much as possible.  She has worked with clients from ages 3 to young adulthood with a variety diagnoses.  Some of her experience includes alternative communication, behavioral difficulties, ADHD, mood disorders, anxiety, sensory disorders, and Autism Spectrum Disorders. Maura is fluent in English and American Sign Language.

Jodie Sexton, LMHC

Jodie is a licensed Mental  Health Clinician (LMHC) and currently works full-time as a clinical supervisor overseeing home-based services for children with behavioral and emotional disorders. Jodie has over 15 years of experience working with children and families in a home-based capacity. Jodie's clinical experience includes working with individuals diagnosed with autism, ADHD, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, intellectual disabilities and behavioral disorders. Jodie works closely with outside providers, schools, and families to support children to receiving the services they require and the accommodations they need to be successful. Jodie is a certified Circles of Security parent trainer and is passionate about enhancing parent child relationships, specifically with children diagnosed with developmental and behavioral disabilities. Jodie's philosophy is that the therapeutic relationship is the vehicle of change and supports children and families to develop skills necessary to live to their fullest potential and be a part of their community

Adrienne Pietraszka, LCSW

Adrienne is a graduate of Rhode Island College School of Social Work and currently works full-time as a medical social worker for Care New England.  Adrienne's professional experience centers around residential, community and hospital based settings.  Adrienne has extensive experience working in programs that are contracted with the Department of Children, Youth and Families to provide supportive services ranging from mental health and trauma to poverty and basic needs.  Adrienne has a passion for working with at risk youth and has spent a majority of her professional career working with teen mothers. Adrienne's professional and personal experience allow her the ability to creatively engage clients and build a positive rapport. Adrienne's treatment modalities hover around Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy and Crisis Intervention. 

Stephanie Vece, LCSW

Stephanie Vece is a full-time school social worker, currently working by day in an elementary school in Providence.  She has worked with young people of all ages, from elementary school through college. Stephanie is skilled at facilitating groups for children and adolescents with social, emotional and behavioral challenges.  Over the span of her career Stephanie has worked with young people in residential treatment facilities and a variety of educational settings including charter schools, alternative schools, public schools and colleges.  Stephanie has many years of experience advocating for students with disabilities who require accommodations. Stephanie worked for several years at Brown University where she arranged disability-related accommodations for university students and facilitated a variety of support groups.   She has also provided after-hours crisis counseling to college students at Providence College and Johnson and Wales University. Stephanie is skilled at working with children and adolescents who have ADHD, Anxiety Disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and behavioral difficulties.

Lauren Donohue, LCSW, CGS

Lauren graduated with a Masters of Social Work degree and Certificate of Graduate Studies in Child and Adolescent Trauma in the spring of 2019 from Rhode Island College. Lauren has experience working with teens and young adults in the family court juvenile justice system and DCYF. She currently works full-time supporting clients experiencing poverty and homelessness to help them gain access to community resources in order to prevent recidivism and better quality of life. Lauren formerly worked as an MSW intern at Social Sparks and has officially joined the team to provide group and individual therapy. She is very upbeat and loves meeting new people.

Cathy Cochran, LCSW

Cathy has a Master’s degree in Social Work from RI College (Providence, RI), and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from William Smith College (Geneva, NY). She also participated in nursing courses at the Community College of RI (Lincoln, RI), and approaches her work  from a holistic and strength-based perspective. Cathy has extensive experience working with children and families, as well as adults in a variety of capacities. This includes work with individuals experiencing mental illness, trauma, chronic illness,homelessness, developmental disabilities, and life changes. Cathy has a passion for helping individuals become empowered and connected to resources within themselves and the community. Her work is client driven. She utilizes mixtures of cognitive therapy, expressive activities (movement/craft), case management, and assisting individuals with crisis management. 

Kathryn Bagarella, CCC-SLP

Kathryn works as a full time speech language pathologist in a hospital setting. She enjoys working with clients, families and other professionals to provide the most functional and beneficial therapy to meet each clients’ needs. Kathryn has also worked in a private practice, early intervention setting and most recently in a middle school providing group and individual therapy. She is experienced in working with children ages 1 to 15 with a variety of disorders including expressive and receptive language disorders, sensory processing disorders, articulation and phonological disorders, and Autism spectrum disorders.

Cate Gorman, LMHC

Cate has many years of experience providing individual, group and family therapy to children, adolescents and adults in a variety of settings. A majority of her experience was in public and alternative schools, as well as community and home-based counseling with children and families. Throughout her work, Cate prioritized supporting clients in accessing resources and services to problem solve, lessen stress and work toward a feeling of empowerment. Cate's passion for her work continues on in her role at Social Sparks where she provides individual and family therapy to clients of all ages.

Support Staff

Clara Oliva

Administrative Assistant/Translator

You can find Clara at the front desk of Social Sparks greeting families and clients with a smile. She is currently attending Providence College pursuing a bachelors in Social Work with a minor in Writing and Business Innovation. Clara assists with administrative duties in the office as well as needed clinical supports for clinicians and families. She is bilingual and assists families who speak Spanish to access services at Social Sparks. Clara has a kind heart and will do whatever she can to help others. 

Isabella Diluglio

Isabella graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Rhode Island College where she is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Social Work. Isabella works full-time in a therapeutic day school as a paraprofessional in an alternative education classroom. Through her work in this setting she has gained experience working with high school students diagnosed with ASD, various mental health disorders, cognitive delays, and learning and behavioral disorders. As a former MSW intern at Social Sparks, Bella made many connections with clients and families with her positive and caring personality. Following her internship she joined the Social Sparks team and provides 1:1 support to clients in the group therapy setting.


At Social Sparks we value the opportunity to work with interns who are pursuing degrees and licensure in the field of mental health. We see this as an opportunity to share some of our knowledge and experiences in a supportive and collaborative environment. Our interns participate in training and regular supervision with licensed practitioners to ensure they are supported in their clinical practice and that clients are supported to the best extent possible. We are proud of the work our interns do at Social Sparks and find that we learn something new from each and every one of them. 

Bryanna Sands 

MSW Intern

Bryanna is an intern MSW graduate student from the University of New England. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Studies from the University of Rhode Island in 2015. She has a wide-ranging experience in working with children with behavioral and developmental disorders. Bryanna has worked as a behavior specialist for 6 years providing home-based therapeutic services to children and teens with Autism. She has also worked as a camp counselor for many years at camp WANNAGOAGAIN by the Autism Project of RI. Bryanna is excited to be able to join Social Sparks and is eager to learn as much as she can.

Kenzi DeFaria

MSW Intern 

Kenzi graduated from Rhode Island College (RIC) in 2017 with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and is currently in her second year of graduate school at RIC pursuing her MSW. She has been working with young children diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) at Bradley Hospital as a Milieu Therapist for the past two years, providing home-based therapeutic and supportive services. Kenzi recently finished working as a school social work intern at an elementary school in East Providence, RI, facilitating groups, meeting individually, providing support and teaching social and emotional skills. Kenzi has been working with children for the past seven years in various settings and is excited to continue her learning here at Social Sparks.

Shannon Lemus

MSW Intern 

Shannon is an MSW student at RIC. She has many years of experience working with children and families. She is currently a supervisor for Healthy Families America, a long-term family visiting program that focuses on attachment and bonding, child development and school readiness. She has two kiddos ages 8 and 13. Shannon is looking forward to learning from the amazing staff, kids, and families at Social Sparks. 

Zudy Nunez

MSW Intern

Zudy is a graduate student from Liberty University of Virginia. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Spanish Education and a minor in Puerto Rican studies from the University of York College in Queens, NY. She has many years of experience working with children of all ages and developmental abilities. Zudy loves working with children and describes it as one of her passions. She has learned so much working with children in middle and high school. Zudy also has a wide range of experience mentoring teenagers and working with the Spanish speaking community to help them succeed and feel welcome in the school setting when coming from other countries. She is very happy and excited to start her practicum here at Social Sparks.

Samantha Phipps-Moore

MSW Intern

Samantha graduated from Rhode Island College (RIC) with a double bachelor’s in Psychology and Chemical Dependence and Addiction Studies. She is currently pursuing her Masters of Social Work (MSW) degree at Rhode Island College. Samantha works for The Providence Center as a Substance Use Specialist and provides case management. She serves a population who experiences chronic homelessness along with MI and SU. She recently received her licensure as a Licensed Chemical Dependency Professional (LCDP).

Niurka Quinonez

MSW Intern

Niurka is currently pursuing a Masters in Social work at Rhode Island College. Niurka graduated in 2014 with a BS in Health Studies with a focus on health promotion, minors in Human Development Family Studies and African American Studies. Niurka has worked in a school setting, rehabilitation setting, hospital setting, and inpatient/outpatient setting with children, adolescents and adults who suffer from behavior issues, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia to children with autism. Niurka is currently working at The Providence Center as a case manager and loves what she does. She is eager to meet the wonderful children from Social sparks and is ready to learn and grow with this experience.

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