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Professional Development 

Classroom Consultation

Social Sparks is privileged to have a variety of clinicians with various skill sets and expertise to provide professional development in the areas of mental health and social-emotional learning. 

A clinician from Social Sparks will meet with you to discuss your professional development goals and develop a presentation geared to your individual needs. 

General Professional development topics include: 

  • ASD 101​
  • ASD Strategies and Supports Across Settings 

  • ASD & Mental Health

  • Coping with COVID

  • Coping with the Unexpected: A Follow Up to Coping with COVID

  • Healthy Boundaries and Relationships 

  • Positive Behavior Supports & Interventions

  • Social Emotional Learning in the Educational Setting 

  • Social Skills Groups 101

  • Tips & Tricks for Telehealth in the School Setting

  • Trauma-Informed Supports & Interventions

Social Sparks clinicians are available for on-site consultation including observation, support, and implementation of individual and classroom-wide interventions with educators, multi-disciplinary teams, and staff.  All consultations include a written report with recommendations. Fee schedules are available by request.

Formal Behavior

  • Functional Behavior Assessments

  • Positive Behavior Support Plans

  • Safety Plans


Social Sparks will also assist with training staff to carry out and implement plans.  

Conference Room

Fee Scale 

All consultation services are assessed on an individual basis and need. Please contact us for a request for service via email at:

Local Advisory Committee Presentations

Social Sparks frequently presents at school district LAC meetings to share more about our organization and the services we provide as well as the importance of Social Emotional Learning. Our hope is to make therapeutic services more accessible to families and school professionals. 


There is no fee for these presentations.

Additional presentation topics can be requested and prepared to meet individual committee needs. A fee may apply for individualized presentations.

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