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Welcome New Clients & Families! 

You may submit a referral form by clicking the appropriate button below

New clients may also email with questions or concerns.

Self-referrals, school referrals, agency referrals, and doctor referrals are all accepted and welcomed, however, are not required. 

The Intake Assessment
What to Expect...

  • All insurances must be verified and authorized (as needed) prior to the intake assessment appointment. 
  • Insurance may not cover an intake assessment if the client is receiving a higher level of care such as Emergency Outpatient Services (EOS) at the time of intake. If you and your family are currently participating in EOS, discharge from these services must be completed prior to completing an intake assessment with Social Sparks.
  • No more than one service on an outpatient basis can be completed on the same day. This means if you receive outpatient services with other mental health care providers, you can not complete an intake assessment (and/or any other services with Social Sparks) on the same day. Please be mindful of this when scheduling your intake assessment. 
  • Depending on individual insurance plans, typically no more than 2 outpatient services are allowed per week. 
  • Intake appointments are scheduled within the order they are received.
  • At intake, a copy of your health insurance card is required. 
  • A parent and/or guardian is required to attend the intake assessment (we have a sibling friendly environment). 
  • We ask that the referred client be present at the intake assessment. 
  • Co-payment is due at time of intake assessment. 
  • Evaluations, IEP's and any other supporting documents are welcomed and appreciated at the intake appointment. (We are able to make copies as needed)

Social Sparks Referral Form
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